Results & Publications

Report: System Architecture

11 May, 2021

This report describes the overall architecture of ATLANTIS. Including the UX strategy and the design concept. Also presented is a first set of UI prototypes, as well as the first version of the technical system architecture.

Report: What will ATLANTIS look like?

29 March, 2021

This report describes the initial design work that has been conducted in the project and key design ideas/principles. A series of wireframe prototype illustrations are also included.

Report: Technical Requirements

19 January, 2021

The technical requirements are split according to the main technical ATLANTIS components, the AI services, the authoring application, and the AR application. Find out more information in the report.

Report: Meet the ATLANTIS Users

21 December, 2020

The ATLANTIS project addresses several target user categories. The report gives an overview of the personas, usage contexts and scenarios.

Report: What Will ATLANTIS Develop?

15 December, 2020

ATLANTIS will innovate beyond traditional AR authoring by adding Diminished Reality (DR) authoring capabilities in order to offer unique visual experiences.

ATLANTIS project: Info tube

30 November, 2020

On ATLANTIS info tube you can find technical results and details of the project.