User Tests

Stakeholder Test: Finding out how professionals use Atlantis

October 2021

We are currently conducting interviews and user tests with professionals on our Atlantis research project.

User Tests

Happy Holidays and a nice summer!

August 2021

The Atlantis team wishes everybody Happy holidays and a nice summer!

User Tests

Usability Testing: A Tool to Improve the Atlantis App Design

5 July 2021

To make an app as user friendly as possible our designs are tested before we release it for mass use. What better way to do this than to conduct usability testing?

Startscreen Atlantis App

Sneak preview of the Atlantis app

29 June 2021

Here are our first drafts of the Atlantis app, which we share exclusively with you. Of course, these are only drafts, in the end the whole thing will probably look different in detail, but I think you'll get a pretty good impression of the direction we're thinking.

Plenary Meeting

3 days of Plenary Meeting

16 -18 June 2021

The Plenary Meeting is a three-days meeting of the project partners. Within these 3 days, all work packages are gone through, the time schedules and the next steps in the project will be discussed.

3 questions on ATLANTIS:

17 May 2021

Project partners giving insights: We asked the ATLANTIS project partners 3 questions about the ongoing research project to find out their background and motivation.

ATLANTIS at a glance

11 May 2021

The compact information about the ATLANTIS project is now available as a 2-pager. Go for it!

We are looking for participants!

16 April 2021

Be the first to get insights into the AR/DR research project Atlantis. We are looking for people from the furniture retail and interior design industry to participate in our user tests! Read more in the blog post:

What is Diminished Reality?

6 April 2021

Reality is what you make of it? Well - this doesn’t always mean adding some stuff. Wouldn’t you sometimes like to “photoshop” things out of your life? Then we are talking about Diminished Reality already.

Designing living spaces with AR and DR

23 March, 2021

Together with an international team, Roomle is working on the ATLANTIS research project to develop an innovative authoring tool. It will permanently change the way we design our living spaces. We asked project coordinator Georg Thallinger, from JOANNEUM RESEARCH, to give us a little update.

Stereopsia presentation is online

28 January, 2020

Did you miss the ATLANTIS presentation at Stereopsia 2020 - Virtual edition? No worries, you can now (re)watch it on Stereopsia Youtube Channel.


11 December, 2020

With ATLANTIS, users can visually remove real objects in the scene with the help of the Diminished Reality technology. You can find out more about the project in the video.

ATLANTIS Info tube

25 November, 2020

We would like to share with you ATLANTIS info tube, where you can find technical results and details of the project.

Stereopsia event

30 October, 2020

ATLANTIS project will take part in the Stereopsia virtual event - a great a place of fantastic opportunities and relationships between XR professionals.