Final Review in Linz

The Atlantis Team + EU Officer

September 2nd, 2022

Two years of research on Diminished Reality and Artificial Intelligence for indoor planning have produced exciting results. These were presented at the EU review of the Atlantis project at Roomle's office in Linz in early September. The EU officer and the reviewer thus had the opportunity to see the premises of the company that will incorporate the developed components of the project into its app.  

In a full day workshop the Consortium partners presented the results of all seven work packages, demonstrated live in a specially set up test room the Roomle App, the progress of the developments and the Business & Exploitation Strategy for the developed components. 

To summarize: The reviewers were excited about the results, the potential of the developed components and the progress after two years of collaboration between Joanneum, Certh, UP and Roomle. 

Some impressions of the review: