Members of the Consortium

JOANNEUM RESEARCH, DIGITAL – Institute for Information and Communication Technologies

ImgJOANNEUM RESEARCH is a non-profit organisation concentrating on applied research with a highly qualified staff of more than 450 people. Services include specifically geared research tasks for small and medium-sized companies, complex interdisciplinary national and international assignments as well as tailored techno-economic consulting. JRS participates in setting up and organizing national competence centres as well as in numerous large international projects. DIGITAL – the Institute for Information and Communication Technologies – specialises in web and internet technologies, image, video and acoustic signal processing together with remote sensing, communication and navigation technologies. Results of our research are implemented in hardware and software resulting in application-oriented solutions advancing the scientific state of the art. The institute has participated in more than 100 EC and ESA funded projects since the Third Framework Programme. Early projects concentrated on developing algorithms for digital film and video restoration, resulting in DIAMANT, one of the worldwide leading commercial systems. Since several years JRS carries out R&D into AI methods for automatic analysis of video based on their large knowledge base from media analysis including automatic film restoration and content-based indexing, summarisation and retrieval. JRS has been involved in a large number of EU and national projects dealing with audiovisual content analysis, digital preservation and media production. The Smart Media Solutions team has a strong background in developing visual content analysis and processing technologies, as well as metadata modelling, integration and quality control, and deploying these technologies as applications and services to be integrated with other manufacturer’s systems.

Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (Ethniko Kentro Erevnas kai Technologikis Anaptyxis), Information Technologies Institute

ImgThe Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), founded in 2000, is the largest research centre in Northern Greece and one of the largest in the country. Today CERTH includes the following five institutes with indicated major fields of research: (a) Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute (CPERI), (b) Information Technologies Institute (ITI), (c) Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT), (d) Institute of Applied Biosciences (INAB), (e) Institute for Research and Technology Thessaly (IRETETH). The CERTH institute participating in this project is the Information Technologies Institute (ITI).

Roomle GmbH

ImgRoomle represents real furniture 1:1 in the digital world and makes products with all functionalities and special features virtually available. This changes the inspiration and the way furniture is planned and bought in the future: Configure furniture individually, integrate it into online shops, visualise it in 2D/3D/AR/VR and Mixed Reality and produce and buy it at the touch of a button. The use of the latest technologies makes working with Roomle simple, intuitive and available to everyone everywhere - mobile via App Store and on the Web. More than 4 million registered users worldwide have already furnished and brought to life over 8 million floor plans with tens of millions of pieces of furniture. In total, Roomle is used in 171 countries worldwide and the monthly growth is 120,000 organic app downloads.

Usability Partners AB

ImgUsability Partners is a consultancy company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company offers specialist knowledge, tools and methods to improve the ease of use of interactive products and systems. Usability Partners helps a broad range of companies and organisations who wish to make their products and systems easier to use, ensuring user needs and limitations are considered in the development of new user interfaces and the improvement of existing ones.