Usability Partners user tests provide invaluable input to the Atlantis project

Usability Partners testroom. Fotocredit: UP

An international team from Austria, Sweden and Greece is working on the research project ATLANTIS to develop an innovative authoring tool.

17 January, 2022

Usability Partners in Stockholm is the UX research partner in the ATLANTIS consortium and has been conducting a variety of user research studies for the project. For many studies a furnished 'test room' in the format of a small living/dining room has been used, which has been set up in one of their usability test labs. Here users can work with room planning in combination with the ATLANTIS AR/DR/VR functionality.

User testing of ATLANTIS prototypes has been going on throughout 2021 and will continue now in 2022. Such user tests provide invaluable input to the design process, helping the project to understand what works for users and what doesn't. These activities will ensure that we're not only designing an app that supports the functions that users need, but that we do so in a way that is easy to use.

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