Usability Testing: A Tool to Improve the Atlantis App Design

Atlantis testing

5 July, 2021

To make an app as user friendly as possible our designs are tested before we release it for mass use. What better way to do this than to conduct usability testing?

What is usability testing (UT)?

UT is a process that tests whether the application is easy to use for a representative group of users. This is done by observing users performing a series of tasks called scenarios. It can also be done for multiple designs to test alternative designs.

Why UT?

Why should UT be carried out? Because it can reveal design flaws that you didn't even know were there. Observing how users complete or even fail your scenarios can provide valuable design insights. App users, who have no prior knowledge of how the app works, can reveal some overlooked flaws that result in the flow of the UI/UX being unclear.

At Atlantis, our project partner Usability Partners AB does international testing to optimally adapt the app to the user groups.