User tests in Stockholm and Linz

Atlantis testing

April, 2022

In April 2022, user tests primarily aimed at non-professional users, interviews and walkthroughs of the ATLANTIS tool took place within 2 weeks. In addition to the test room in Stockholm/Sweden, this time tests were also conducted in Linz/Austria. Usability Partner and Roomle worked together intensively here. A total of 23 user tests, including 3 walkthroughs with professionals, were carried out and evaluated.

The tests lasted 60-70 minutes on average. The testers were asked to create different room scenarios in the app, remove furniture and set up new rooms. In total, the participants had to create 3 different room scenarios. This was done to see how the usability of the app worked and whether the tasks were easier for the users to understand and complete.

The results of the tests are evaluated and ultimately flow into a deliverable.