XR for Architecture and Interior Design

Webinar June 29th

June 29th, 2022

In architecture and interior design, communication between experts from different domains as well as between experts and consumers is key for planning processes that are both efficient and lead to satisfactory results. Technologies such as virtual and augmented reality (VR, AR) have the potential to transform such planning processes. However, in order to be successful, such tools must be usable by experts from the respective domain as well as consumers, and they must be able to create and modify content without the need for technical experts. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) can help to automate such processes, thus enabling a new generation of VR and AR applications. This webinar showcases the results of two recent research projects. ATLANTIS (http://atlantis-ar.eu) created an app to support indoor planning and furniture retailing with the help of augmented reality, including diminished reality, i.e., the capability to remove real objects that would otherwise clash with inserted virtual objects. PrismArch (https://prismarch-h2020.eu) developed VR-based tools for the architecture, engineering and construction industries, that allows experts from different domains to collaboratively view, annotate and modify data in order to have a holistic view including aesthetics, simulation models and meta-information.

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